Remember Me?

I've not been around much in the last six months, which makes me sad. A lot has happened in my life, keeping me busy, distracted…
melpixie Jan 08, 2010

A Life-Changing Adventure, Part 3

I'm leaving for New Hampshire tomorrow. Wow. I feel very good about everything, the only time I get emotional is when I think about missing…
melpixie Jul 06, 2009

What I Want

I want... be wanted. And needed. ...for this all to work out. be secure. be protected...but not need to be. be surprised. In the good way.…
melpixie Jun 29, 2009

A Life-Changing Adventure, Part 2

A lot has been going on in preparation for the big move and otherwise. On Saturday, June 6th, my grandfather passed away. It was an…
melpixie Jun 16, 2009

The Adventure Begins

Wow, it's real. It's happening. I am moving out of this state, where I've never felt I belonged, and across the country to New Hampshire…
melpixie Jun 04, 2009

Miss You

I miss you, Buzznet. I've just been so busy trying to make...well, a life for myself. I'm looking for jobs in New Hampshire, and hoping…
melpixie May 31, 2009
Beautiful Weather Todaypic

A Long Way...

Just had some flashbacks looking through the Buzznet featured members list. Toimaginetoo, MercyBell, WilWheaton...oh, the good 'ole days. I was 18 then...I joined Buzznet the…
melpixie Jan 01, 2009
New Glovespic
warm daypic


I was contacted via flickr by an organization interested in using one of my photographs in a book. Cool, yes? Here's the thing; the photo…
melpixie Nov 05, 2008
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I'm a photographer. These photos are how I see the world...


photography, art, love, living...

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Whatever strikes my fancy.

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Lots. Works of Art.

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Lots more. And it's made me smarter, I swear.

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an ever-growing list. I feast on words.