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Remember Me?

melpixie Jan 08, 2010

I've not been around much in the last six months, which makes me sad. A lot has happened in my life, keeping me busy, distracted, too overwhelmed to participate in my beloved buzznet.  If any of you wondered where I've been, what I've been up to...well, here it is:

I moved out of my parents' house in Lexington, Nebraska, to my own apartment in Dover, NH. My only roommates are my pets. I love it here.

I adopted a kitty from the NHSPCA. He's got six toes on each of his front feet and 5 on each back foot. He's a handsome Maine Coon and I named him Gabriel. He's awesome.

I cut back a lot on photography and got really into sculpting. I use this great oven-back clay and really love using my hands to create something. I've begun listing my creations for sale on etsy at

I worked part time as a house cleaner until this week, had a short stint at a doggie daycare in November.

Had my first Thanksgiving away from home and spent it in Cambridge, Mass. with my dearest friend and his family. I even got to bring my dog, which was awesome.

I became a ChaCha guide and made a whole $5.75 in December. Woo.

I had Christmas back home in Nebraska, and got stuck there for 4 days longer than planned. Collided with a semi in a failed attempt to get to my original flight.

Had my first New Year's celebration with my dearest friend in the world, the one I moved to NH to be near, and was so happy for that.

I quit my cleaning job for several reasons, all very frustrating, and am now desperately searching for work to finally pay all my bills on my own, without my generous parents' help.

Been missing Buzznet the whole time.

I can't guarantee I'll be around a lot more, and I doubt it makes a difference to the vast majority of members...but I'll try to be around more. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas (or other holiday) and New Year :)




A Life-Changing Adventure, Part 3

melpixie Jul 06, 2009

I'm leaving for New Hampshire tomorrow. Wow. I feel very good about everything, the only time I get emotional is when I think about missing my parents and pets. But, beyond that, I can't wait, and I feel confident.

Ugh, I want to write more, but I'm just too...full of information and thoughts regarding preparations...I hope to update this soon.


What I Want

melpixie Jun 29, 2009

I want... be wanted. And needed.

...for this all to work out. be secure. be protected...but not need to be. be surprised. In the good way. be capable. be ready. be held on to. not be so torn.

...for them to be safe and healthy.

...for him to be content and happy.

...for me to just be okay.

A Life-Changing Adventure, Part 2

melpixie Jun 16, 2009

A lot has been going on in preparation for the big move and otherwise. On Saturday, June 6th, my grandfather passed away. It was an expected passing, but sad and disconcerting nonetheless. We had his memorial service on Friday, and it was beautiful. I got to have a big role in setting up the gravesite and even burying his ashes, which I'm really glad I got to do. It was a very emotional day, and I realized just how stressed out I I quit my job here early.

But, here's the thing:

I called my boss on Friday after the memorial and told her that I needed to cut my time with her short (I had originally said that I would stay with her until the last day of June). She said that I should work Monday, and she'd she what she could do about the rest of the week. I reluctantly agreed. But, as I went through the weekend, my exhaustion, stress, and grief was piling up on me. I miss my grandpa, I've barely started packing, I have all sorts of appointments to make and get to, and I wanted to spend as much time as I could with my family. So, I called my boss again (she never answers her phone, and she doesn't even have her employees' numbers programmed in), and left her a message saying I just can't do it anymore. I stated my reasons, thanked her for the opportunity, and assumed that was that. Only, she evidently couldn't comprehend. She left me a message saying she needed me to work Monday and, again, that she'd "see what she could do" about the rest of the week. It may sound immature, but I simply ignored her calls. I said what I had to say quite clearly - I quit, I didn't request time off! - and I knew that talking to her again would get me nowhere. She seemed to have gotten the hint after I didn't show up for work on Monday...

So now, my car's in the shop getting all ready for New Hampshire. The horn and cruise control are getting fixed, oil changed, the tires will be replaced and the front end realigned...

I've agreed to do a couple of jobs for my dad, painting window frames and a railing.

I still have a ton of packing to do.

I need to thoroughly clean my car, inside and out, when I get it back.

I'm working on my dad's Father's Day gift.

I have to see the eye doctor and get new contacts ordered, as well as see about getting a supply of my prescriptions from my regular doc.

I need to get in touch with my boss in New Hampshire to see where things are.

I may be taking an old high school friend's engagement photos.

I need to visit my sister and niece before I leave.


I'm busy. But I'm not freaking out, not having second thoughts, and that's good.

What an adventure. And it's barely even started.

The Adventure Begins

melpixie Jun 04, 2009

Wow, it's real. It's happening. I am moving out of this state, where I've never felt I belonged, and across the country to New Hampshire. I commited to a cool little studio apartment conveniently located across the street from my dearest friend in the world (and in the middle of downtown) on Tuesday, and on Wednesday I secured a cleaning job for a wonderful and witty woman who is determined to pick up more clients so I'll have more than part-time hours when I get there, and reserved a moving truck. I leave July 7th. Next month. This has all fallen into place so smoothly it feels surreal. I am so blessed. And scared. And excited.

Here's my apartment:

The Entryway


Kitchen angle 1

Kitchen angle 2

Living Space angle1

Living Space angle 2

Living Space angle 3

Closet angle 1

Closet angle 2

Closet angle 3

Living Space angle 4

Living Space angle 5

Miss You

melpixie May 31, 2009

I miss you, Buzznet. I've just been so busy trying to make...well, a life for myself. I'm looking for jobs in New Hampshire, and hoping to make a move quite soon. Perhaps I'll chronicle my journey here. I'd like to. Maybe I'll get some photos uploaded too. But until then, I hope everyone has a great week.

A Long Way...

melpixie Jan 01, 2009

Just had some flashbacks looking through the Buzznet featured members list. Toimaginetoo, MercyBell, WilWheaton...oh, the good 'ole days. I was 18 then...I joined Buzznet the day after my birthday because I thought you had to be 18 to register. Either I was wrong, or it was a requirement that didn't last long. I posted photos from the only camera I had; the ~1megapixel still setting on my digital video camera. I started out cheerful and uber friendly because something about my real, understated personality tends to be ignored. I'd tried several other places, wanting to just find a little corner of the internet to make my own, share a piece of myself, and Buzznet was the first place to give me a warm welcome. People commented on my crappy photos, and became my friends. Toimaginetoo, for instance, befriended me with a simple comment noting that we both wore contact lenses, which led to a cherished and lasting friendship. I was inspired and encouraged by the amazing talents here, and shared my journey as an aspiring photographer, and as a human being

What a long way I've come. I blush with a bit of embarrassment at the childishness of my first few months of posting. I was in the middle of my transition from a kid who never really fit with her peers to a woman...who never really fit with her peers :-P. I have a four-year album of my life, my vision, my journey, with moments of inspiration, melancholy, hope, fear, hate, beauty, heart, and lots of growth. I went from the still setting on a video camera to a full-blown digital SLR complete with a small arsenal of lenses, and a little bit of photographic knowledge. I went from aspiring for over a year to just get ONE featured photo (sadly, it and several subsequent others are no longer marked as such), to being honored as an OG and being credited with 90 featured photos to date.

I almost left once. When Buzznet began its transition from 'Photo Community' to 'Music Community Band photos videos journals and interviews' it was rough, and lots of people pledged exodus to Flickr. Many followed  through completely, and others, like myself, began a dual citizenship of sorts. But the truth is, while some of my dearest friends are gone from here and I will always carry a bit of sadness with that fact, I love this place. Even when my activity wanes, I drop in often to see what's going on. I know I'm not one of the memorable, supercool members here anymore, if I ever was, but I'm still here. I contribute when I have something to say or showcase, and I do my best to support my friends here.

With this new year comes opportunities for change in my life. I plan to share the journey with all of you.

Happy New Year, friends :)


melpixie Nov 05, 2008

I was contacted via flickr by an organization interested in using one of my photographs in a book. Cool, yes? Here's the thing; the photo they want to use is mediocre at best. It's an unedited self-portrait, that was chosen because of the caption accompanying it. Here's a link to the image and caption

I don't like this photo. Yet, someone wants to publish it. Compensation would be a signed copy of the book and an invite to the release party, by the way.

I'm leaning toward saying no, but I'd like some input first, so I'd appreciate hearing what you think :)

New Phase

melpixie Jul 17, 2008

I just ordered the Canon EOS 40D from

I am selling my current camera, Jupiter, to a friend of mine (makes me sad, I am quite attached to this camera).

I'm very excited, but spending that kind of money HURTS!

New camera shall be called Saturn.

May he serve me well...

Project Beautiful Warts and All Entry #3: Moods and Habits

melpixie Jun 27, 2008

This is a difficult subject for me, moods and habits. But I think it will be good for me to share a bit, though probably not as much as I could.

Here’s the thing: my emotions are INTENSE. In general, they are centered around sorrow, love, dissatisfaction, hesitation, and self-hatred. At this point in my life, I am a very sad person. Most of the time, I can keep myself together during the day, but at night I tend to fall apart. Once everyone else in the house goes to bed, I wallow in my insomniac discontent. This isn’t by choice. If I could, I’d drop off to sleep and let it all play out in my dreams, but it takes hours past the time I decide to go to bed to actually get to sleep. Instead I am flooded with emotion and become completely restless. On a good night, I can sit in bed and read a book until I can no longer keep my eyes open. On a bad night I am forced to scribble the constant flow of thoughts on paper to keep my brain from exploding, or get up and pace angrily, wanting to rip something to pieces. The other night I took the wallet I recently replaced and cut at it with scissors until I could tear the rest of it apart with my bare hands. It felt good…in a scary sort of way.

There are too many negative thoughts in my head. I overanalyze everything. I think, rethink, and think again about a thousand thoughts at once. I am an obsessive thinker and a negative self-talker. ‘Happy’ is not in my vocabulary. I can be ‘fine’, ‘okay’, even ‘good’, but happy? Not yet. Not right now. I cry so much more than I ever used to, over what I used to think were the most stupid things. When did I become the person that cries listening to ‘Bleeding Love’? When did I become the person that listens to a song like ‘Bleeding Love’ all the way through????

I am a very isolated person. I am introverted and generally not interested in having a bunch of friends or a traditional social life, but I am completely alone, physically. I don’t have a single friend in my town (or my state) that I can call and hang out with. Go for a walk. Watch a movie. The people I love are all over the country. All over the world. I feel so blessed to know and be close to people I would never have met were it not for the internet, but the downside of that is missing them. Like I said, my emotions are intense. When I miss someone, I miss them HARD.

And when I love someone, platonically or otherwise, I love them with everything I am, without condition, with complete admiration, and complete bewilderment as to why I could ever expect the same or anything close in return.

I feel like a failure at life. Yes, I’m chronologically young, but there are so many my age and younger that are doing so much more than I ever have. Besides, age does not dictate how much time we have left. I’m terrified that I’ll die without having come anywhere near the adventurous life that I long for. Yet I’m too scared to plunge into that life.

Everything I’ve talked about here and more is constantly running through my head. When I’m especially anxious, I’ll find myself biting my fingernails. When I’m thinking about the composition of something (like this entry), I bite/suck on my lower lip. I also tend to peel the skin on my lip…it’s currently feeling pretty raw.

And even in all my thinking and obsessing about my realities, I have a habit of indulging in my imagination. From picturing what it will be like when I meet friends in person for the first time (please don’t judge the merits of such friendships), to playing out my dream of acting in movies, safely in my mind.

So, there’s some of it.

Portrait of me, taken by Ross Reyes



We're supposed to find the positive and I almost completely left that out...Well, I do like my active imagination, it plays a huge role in my creativity, which I cherish. Destroying things in the middle of the night? I don't think it's too unhealthy. It's an outlet, and one where no one gets hurt. The sadness...I am working HARD on getting past this. There has been progress, and I have one or two wonderful people supporting me in my journey. You know who your real friends are when you're at your worst and it's cool to see that there really are some amazing people in this world. And the intensity of my emotions...the sadness may be awful, but my way of loving is beautiful to me, and I wouldn't ever change it.

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